On Mount Katahdin’s knife edge

Hello, welcome to Heading Roam!

As it’s mostly family and friends on this bog at the moment you all probably already have a sense of what we’ve been up to, but here’s a little rundown just in case.

Matt and I were supposed to have spent the spring and summer months of 2020 thru hiking the Continental Divide Trail. This would have been Matt’s final thru hike for his triple crown, and my first thru hike. Plans were made, gear lists were finalized, food was dehydrated, tickets were purchased, we were ready to go! Then, COVID hit. A month before we were set to fly out we called off the hike. The next few months were spent in a moral dilemma of whether the hike might still be possible come early summer, but ultimately we decided to hold off and hope for a 2021 hike instead.

Faced with another year of waiting for the trail, we decided to spend this time doing something else we’ve both dreamed of: building out a van! Building our own campervan is a project we’d each considered individually before we started dating, so we figured why not do it now? After several weeks of searching for the right van, we found ourselves driving to Brooklyn to pick up our new home.

It’s been over a year since we moved into the van full-time, with a break last summer to (finally) hike the CDT, and we’re thankful every day for the chance to live this life we worked towards for so long.

Thanks for joining us!

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