Capitol Reef National Park

Better late than never, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself since it’s now been several months since the events in this post took place. I recently said to Matt that for two people who don’t seem to have a lot going on, we certainly somehow also end up busy and behind on things.Continue reading “Capitol Reef National Park”

A Few Weeks in Sedona, AZ

Hello everyone, now that I’m (finally) caught up on CDT posts I can show you a bit of what we’ve been up to post-trail. Our first several weeks off trail were spent laying low in and around Tucson. We had left the van there in storage while we were hiking, so we stayed with aContinue reading “A Few Weeks in Sedona, AZ”

CDT Thru Hike: Great Divide Basin

“The basin,” the CDT section through Southern Wyoming dreaded by many hikers. Some of the most exposed miles and longest water carries on trail. Personally, I was kind of looking forward to going through it. The trail had felt a little softer than we expected and we were both feeling ready for a fresh setContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Great Divide Basin”

Saguaro National Park

Hello hello, since our last post was focused on caves, we’re going to keep this one above ground and take it back to the week we spent in and around Tucson for a quick look at our visit to Saguaro National Park. The park is split into two sections, one on either side of Tucson.Continue reading “Saguaro National Park”