Canyonlands National Park

Well, this post has certainly been sitting in the drafts folder for a while. Life has been a little all over the place the past several months. Simultaneously fast and slow, like there’s not much going on yet we’re somehow always busy. It’s been a few months since we arrived back in Arizona, but IContinue reading “Canyonlands National Park”

Arches National Park

A few years ago we had talked about planning a trip to Utah, but to make a long story short, life happened and we never made it out here. We have several trail friends in various parts of the state, so this drive south seemed like the perfect time to finally visit. Due to ourContinue reading “Arches National Park”

Highlights From Our Drive West

Considering how long it’s been since my last post, I thought a quick look at some of the highlights of the past several months would be the best option. After a full summer of family time back in New England, we’re back in the van full time and finally (almost) back in the warm southwest.Continue reading “Highlights From Our Drive West”

Van Updates! Small Changes with a Big Impact

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy summer over here. We arrived back in New England in late April for a family wedding and have spent the months since then mostly between Maine and Massachusetts. Over the course of the summer we welcomed a new niece into the world, celebrated a nephew’s 2nd birthday, visited aContinue reading “Van Updates! Small Changes with a Big Impact”

A Few Weeks in Sedona, AZ

Hello everyone, now that I’m (finally) caught up on CDT posts I can show you a bit of what we’ve been up to post-trail. Our first several weeks off trail were spent laying low in and around Tucson. We had left the van there in storage while we were hiking, so we stayed with aContinue reading “A Few Weeks in Sedona, AZ”

CDT Thru Hike: New Mexico Part Three

When we left Silver City for the second time we got a ride back to the same trailhead from which we’d hiked north a few days earlier. Not too far south of there, maybe half a day or so, the landscape started opening up into the vast, exposed desert we would be enduring for theContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: New Mexico Part Three”

CDT Thru Hike: New Mexico Part Two

Heading south out of Grants, hikers have several possible routes from which to choose. Truthfully, I don’t remember which line we were on, but there was a lot of road walking. Without going into too much detail, it was also in this stretch between Grants and Pie Town that about half of us ended upContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: New Mexico Part Two”

CDT Thru Hike: New Mexico Part One

The Colorado / New Mexico border is kind of an odd one for many southbound hikers. After Pagosa Springs, CO, the next town most hikers aim for is Chama, NM. What’s odd about this is that the easiest place to get into Chama from the CDT is a highway crossing that’s still in Colorado. SoContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: New Mexico Part One”

CDT Thru Hike: Colorado Part Two

Getting back on trail after our few days visiting friends in Denver felt like a fire being lit underneath us. Up until this point we’d had the Denver plans somewhat guiding our pace, but once that visit was behind us it was time to get our act together and make miles to wrap up theContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Colorado Part Two”

CDT Thru Hike: Colorado Part One

Hello again! Whew, it’s been a while, I know. Somewhere back around Southern Colorado / Northern New Mexico I finally accepted that posting as regularly as I wanted to just wasn’t going to happen for a number of reasons. A lot has happened since our last post on the Great Divide Basin, for starters we’veContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Colorado Part One”