CDT Thru Hike: Colorado Part One

Hello again! Whew, it’s been a while, I know. Somewhere back around Southern Colorado / Northern New Mexico I finally accepted that posting as regularly as I wanted to just wasn’t going to happen for a number of reasons. A lot has happened since our last post on the Great Divide Basin, for starters we’veContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Colorado Part One”

CDT Thru Hike: Great Divide Basin

“The basin,” the CDT section through Southern Wyoming dreaded by many hikers. Some of the most exposed miles and longest water carries on trail. Personally, I was kind of looking forward to going through it. The trail had felt a little softer than we expected and we were both feeling ready for a fresh setContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Great Divide Basin”

CDT Thru Hike: Wind River Range

Hi everyone, since we’re a little behind on the updates we’re going to jump ahead a bit here and go straight to the Wind River Range. We have a lot to catch you up on, but of all the sections we could skim over this is not the one. This particular range, “the winds” asContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Wind River Range”

CDT Thru Hike: Yellowstone National Park

A few weeks ago we celebrated two trail milestones, we reached Yellowstone National Park and while we were there we crossed the state line into Wyoming. We entered the park by way of a beautiful ridge trail. This trail was one of my favorites so far, and luckily for us we had great weather forContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Yellowstone National Park”

CDT Thru Hike: Helena to Butte and the Big Sky Alternate

As mentioned in our last post, Helena was our first zero since getting on trail back in June. Normally the goal of a zero, aside from getting town chores done, is to stay off your feet and give your body a break. We didn’t really do that as much as we probably should have, butContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Helena to Butte and the Big Sky Alternate”

CDT Thru Hike: Benchmark to Helena

One of our favorite sections of the trail so far was shortly after leaving the Bob. In this stretch the trail passes through the Scapegoat Wilderness, a beautiful area, but unfortunately for us it was also one of the smokiest due to the wildfires to the west. The day we were on the most incredibleContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Benchmark to Helena”

CDT Thru Hike: Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex

The Bob Marshall Wilderness, aka “the Bob,” has something of a reputation for being a tough section of the CDT. It’s remote, it’s exposed, it’s notorious for blow downs, and it’s prime grizzly territory. For southbound hikers, the Bob is first section after exiting Glacier National Park, and the first real introduction to how wildContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex”

CDT Thru Hike: Glacier National Park

Hello everyone! It’s been almost a month since we hit the trail, and what a month it’s been! On June 25th we finally set out on our long-awaited thru hike. Since the Canada border is still closed we couldn’t start at the official CDT northern terminus, so our hike began on the Chief Mountain alternateContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Glacier National Park”

Continental Divide Trail Prep and Training

One week. After over a year of not so patiently waiting, we’re one week away from flying out to start our CDT thru hike. Are we excited? Yes! Are we nervous? A bit. Are we mildly terrified? Depends on who you ask 😉 As a veteran thru hiker, Matt’s definitely handling the pre-trail nerves betterContinue reading “Continental Divide Trail Prep and Training”

Bandelier National Monument

Rather than go into detail about the history in Frijoles Canyon and Bandelier myself, I’ll let you all read more about it elsewhere if you’re interested; I could write a few thousand words and barely scratch the surface. The Bandelier NPS page has a brief (and likely whitewashed) history, or there’s always the option ofContinue reading “Bandelier National Monument”