CDT Thru Hike: Benchmark to Helena

One of our favorite sections of the trail so far was shortly after leaving the Bob. In this stretch the trail passes through the Scapegoat Wilderness, a beautiful area, but unfortunately for us it was also one of the smokiest due to the wildfires to the west. The day we were on the most incredibleContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Benchmark to Helena”

CDT Thru Hike: Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex

The Bob Marshall Wilderness, aka “the Bob,” has something of a reputation for being a tough section of the CDT. It’s remote, it’s exposed, it’s notorious for blow downs, and it’s prime grizzly territory. For southbound hikers, the Bob is first section after exiting Glacier National Park, and the first real introduction to how wildContinue reading “CDT Thru Hike: Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex”