We have a van!

Well, we did it. We bought a van. Once we knew a thru hike was off the table for this year we began weighing our options and eventually settled on a campervan build. It’s a project we’ve each wanted to do anyway, so even with the added considerations of taking on such a commitment (and subsequent major lifestyle shift) with a significant other, this seemed like a natural step.

For weeks after we decided yes, we’re doing this, we spent most of our free time researching vans and browsing used van listings. In a stroke of good luck, we came across a 2012 Nissan high roof cargo van with not quite 12,000 miles on it. A few days later we drove to Brooklyn to check it out, and that afternoon we were heading back to our apartment in what will eventually be our new home.

The van

Since then, we’ve been clearing it out and cleaning in preparation for the build. Most of our time so far has been spent disassembling the shelves and partition that were already installed when we bought it. These were both bolted to the floor in several places, making them a two person job to remove.

Some pieces came out without too much trouble…

while other pieces were bolted through the floor.

The really stubborn ones had to be drilled or cut out (thanks, Mark!)

This went so much faster with power tools

With the shelves and partition out, we could finally remove the floor covering and get to work on taking care of the few spots of surface rust, cleaning the interior, and finalizing measurements and materials for the next stage.

Getting there!

Next up: sound deadening and insulation!

2 thoughts on “We have a van!

  1. That’s REALLY EXCITING!!! Looks like it’s in good shape; I love the porthole on the side–it makes me think of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine–would you consider a crome yellow paint job and perhaps a periscope? It’s a great canvas if you have an artistic urge…
    It’s going to be a heck of an adventure, I can tell…


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