On The Road (Finally)

Well, we did it; we finally did it. A few weeks ago we hit the road in our (mostly) complete van! Although, one of our first adventures (if you want to call it that) happened before we even left the driveway. To make a long story short, we bought an alarm for the van andContinue reading “On The Road (Finally)”

Progress On Our Solar Rack, Battery System, and Interior Construction

Hi everyone! There are several parts of the van that I haven’t shown you yet, mostly because they’re not entirely finished. We also have some smaller things in the works that don’t quite warrant their own post, so today I thought I’d throw all of these together. Even if it’s a bit all over theContinue reading “Progress On Our Solar Rack, Battery System, and Interior Construction”

Paint Sticks and Pinterest

Hello, it’s been a little longer since the last post than I anticipated, as I’d hoped to have a few more things finished to show you all. Now I’ve gone and waited so long that this is likely to be a slightly longer post than usual. There are two things I want to show you,Continue reading “Paint Sticks and Pinterest”

One Man’s Trash is Another Van’s Ceiling

Hi everyone, and welcome back! As you might have guessed from the title of this post, we’ve been working on the van ceiling using materials that were quite literally another man’s trash. More specifically, our landlord’s trash. We pulled this wood out of a dumpster before we had even committed to a van build. WhenContinue reading “One Man’s Trash is Another Van’s Ceiling”

Roof Fan and Vent Installation

Alright folks, as promised, here is the update that is much more exciting than the last one, at least we think it is! We recently both took a week off from work, and after a much needed few days in the mountains we took the leap on one of the more intimidating steps of thisContinue reading “Roof Fan and Vent Installation”

Slow and Steady Progress

Hello everyone! It’s been slow going over here for a while, hence the long silence since the last post. For a few weeks after getting the van cleaned out, our time was spent mostly on tedious prep: cleaning, dealing with a little surface rust, and installing sound deadening mats.  Nothing too exciting, but it didContinue reading “Slow and Steady Progress”